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Our services span across the entire right of way land acquisition experience and include project management, easement negotiation and acquisition, title research, due diligence and curative, permitting, condemnation support, relocation, survey and database coordination, document preparation and construction support.

At Norfleet Land Services, right of way is our bread and butter. Right of Way (ROW) is the process of acquiring right-of-way and surface use land agreements to facilitate easements that save our clients time and money. Our experience with upstream, downstream, and midstream right of way land acquisition operations have allowed our team the unique opportunity to support projects of all sizes all across the Southern United States.

Norfleet is a Right of Way company providing unparalleled land services with a hands-on approach that prioritizes integrity, persistence, and hard work across projects and client relationships to drive results.

No matter the project type, our diligent ROW team works on your behalf; partnering with landowners, government agencies, and organizations to build strong, long-lasting relationships that render results. At Norfleet, we believe that every successful negotiation is rooted in building trustworthy relationships with the landowner and all the involved parties. With that in mind, we recognize that each member of our team not only represents Norfleet but in most cases, they are the only connection between the landowner and our clients.

It is for this reason that we treat our clients’ investment like our own; employing trustworthy, reliable, and hardworking people to manage landowner relationships and get the job done in time and under budget, every time. With extensive experience in all aspects of the intricate acquisition process, Norfleet Land Services is the partner of choice for right of way projects of any and all sizes.

To better serve our clients, Norfleet Land Services is proud to use the most advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) to jump-start the pipeline right of way process by quickly analyzing a route, assigning resources, and communicating real-time progress with our clients throughout the project.

What Is GIS?

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a digital information system designed to analyze, capture, integrate, and map spatial or geographic data including geological and geophysical information. Available via various software applications, GIS tools provide advanced, integrated surveying and mapping capabilities to ultimately empower better, faster project management. With the Norfleet Project Tracker, the Norfleet team provides thorough records management and can even push real-time updates and project reports to clients and landowners.

At the heart of Norfleet Land Services is our project management expertise.
With industry-leading processes and a committed team of professionals, we are a trusted advisor that provides a clear plan of action, scope of work, budget and human capital allocations and the timeline for client projects. By assessing client goals and project needs early on, our expert project managers assess potential project constraints and work to identify and strategize the best path forward, helping to keep each aspect of a project running smoothly and on time. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Supervising title research, due diligence, and title curative efforts
  • Negotiating with all involved parties including government agencies, landowners, and regulators
  • Integrating GIS and GPS systems into real-time reporting and client communications
  • Ensuring regulatory, state and federal government permitting and operational compliance
  • Advocating for client interests during negotiations and all landowner and construction communications
  • Detailed and thorough records management
  • Budgeting, including human capital and resource management
  • Understanding survey, drafting, and construction needs and methodologies
  • Communicating project updates and potential roadblocks and operational challenges

Our success speak for itself with thousands upon thousands of miles of pipeline laid, and countless satisfied clients including legacy, longstanding partnerships with big and small integrated and independent energy companies all across the Southern United States. We tailor our approach to meet the needs of every client and don’t stop working until long after the project ends and our clients are satisfied.

Answering the question of “how do we get from point A to point B?” is the first step in every project as we begin initial project scoping. Whether it be a pipeline or electric power lines, identifying the best route that you want to take and can take is all rather complicated and requires extensive resources to ensure your energy project starts off on the right track.

With boots on the ground all across the Southern United States, our local knowledge and expertise are unparalleled and the key to our ability to provide comprehensive, thorough route options on behalf of our clients. Depending on the project, route development can largely depend on the project’s stage in the purpose of the pipeline and its clients’ operations: upstream, midstream, or downstream.

Upstream — Refers to the transportation of substances during the initial production phase (transporting raw crude oil and natural gas production).
Midstream — Midstream activities and services involve the processing, storing, transporting, and marketing of these substances (such as pipeline that could transport natural gas or oil properties to a well or gas processing plant).
Downstream — The transportation of refined substances, such as the refining of crude oil into gasoline, diesel, or other fuels, to the endpoint of sale (such as pipeline transporting fuel to sales facilities or refineries).

Once routes are examined and determined, our job is to then identify property owners and locate deeds in order to begin negotiations for any right of way land usage. This process includes identifying metes and bounds, additional surveying, and appropriate permitting.

Norfleet Land Services offers a variety of surveying and mapping solutions, including specialized solutions such as pre-condition and post-condition circumstance assessments with commercial drone technology, all to fit our client’s needs. Our surveying services include boundary, construction, and topographic surveying for energy developments and overhead electric transmission lines.

A surveyor’s primary responsibility is to survey the anticipated route so we can better understand the lay of the land before moving forward. By employing the best and brightest professional land surveyors, our surveys are not just used for mapping but also as a tool for assessing and managing risk as it relates to right of way placement and any potential land ownership conflicts. As experts in survey coordination, it is our responsibility to maintain thorough and accurate data throughout the life of a project to ensure we commit to the best, most efficient route possible while avoiding any costly land-related problems.

Norfleet’s expert team of document specialists enable us to provide clients with a variety of comprehensive legal document preparation services, including contracts, project proposals, title certificates and title curative paperwork, right of way agreements, surface use agreements, and initial offer letters and agreements.

Our detailed document preparation processes ensures no stone is left unturned and that project documentation remains up to date; preparing our clients with the ability to meet any and all regulatory compliance through federal or state governments. By partnering closely with project managers and title services experts, we are proud to employ experienced, cross-functional team members who are dedicated to fulfilling client needs with swiftness and diligence.

No matter the size of a project, permitting is a critical part of the project that requires a skilled, dedicated team to see the permitting through in an efficient and timely manner. From assessing the necessary permitting to ensuring that permitting requirements are followed through until the last man leaves the property, the Norfleet permitting staff is fast-moving and dependable with a comprehensive understanding of all permit needs.
Collaborating with government agencies, property owners, and regulatory consultants is our specialty; providing our clients with peace of mind and the assurance that their bases are covered, their interests are prioritized, and permits are acquired. With extensive experience in permitting strategy, active permitting, and post-permitting follow through, we are committed to obtaining all necessary environmental permits and regulatory items while also providing support and feedback throughout the project to ensure the permit guidelines are being upheld and adhered to.

Combined with the line-list (which serves as a paper trail and the project’s ultimate source of truth in the field), the Norfleet Project Tracker is a common thread across a project that enables records management, 24/7 support, accessibility, and transparency for all involved parties. This online project tracker allows us to essentially provide a better, clearer picture that visually communicates with clients and landowners with capabilities such as online multi-dimensional mapping and route analysis tools.

  • Norfleet enables clients to view maps of their project from any device, whether in the office or in the field.
  • Landowners can enjoy peace of mind with insight into the pipeline routes through high-quality property maps of their land.

With the interface’s route analysis tools, Norfleet is capable of generating a preliminary line-list at the beginning of a project by identifying landowners, finding permit crossings, and analyzing pipeline routes, all before getting into the title services portion of a project.

Once the best, most recommended route is determined, we begin our title services to identify landowners and heirship of the land in need. Our team of title researchers and project managers are masters in producing detailed reports that trace ownership from the earliest Patton records to present-day owners; following complicated heirship and sales paths spanning thousands of tax documentation and courthouse records. When it comes to finding the right way, Norfleet is committed to doing everything we can to get the job done.

Title Research

Title research is a critical part of every project because if it is not done accurately and efficiently, it can create significant issues that can eventually lead to delayed schedules and unnecessary costs. Norfleet’s professional title agents have extensive experience in both surface and mineral title research services and will provide any comprehensive documentation that’s needed to acquire any type of transaction or acquisition efforts.

Title Curative

During this time, it’s not uncommon to come across titles and ownership records that are superannuated and need correcting, a process that is known as title curative. Whether it be an outdated deed, incorrect tax documentation or obsolete, voided ownership records, land titles must be in tip-top shape before we can begin right of way and construction work on behalf of our client. During title curative, we deploy industry-leading abstracting and title determination processes to identify the necessary involved parties and property owners in order to move projects forward.


Abstracts are more than just summaries that navigate through complex title documents, but instead, serve as a time efficient way to communicate specifications, tract indices, parcel mapping, and help mitigate client exposure to lengthy title litigation, all to prepare mineral title opinions or title reports in acquisitions and other energy projects. By identifying proper ownership of surface and mineral estates, our team works closely across title research experts and legal professionals to communicate findings through accurate abstracts in a helpful, comprehensive manner.

Due Diligence

Our staff’s extensive experience and comprehensive due diligence processes allow us to confidently and quickly address any legal matters that may arise throughout the right of way land acquisition process. As it relates to land acquisition, due diligence is a thorough investigation and appraisal undertaken by our team to ensure that the landowners we are dealing with on behalf of a client hold all the necessary rights in order to make legal decisions and enter agreements regarding the surface or mineral use of a particular parcel of land.

By validating all the facts and information we have been given, we provide our clients with peace of mind knowing that our cross-trained team of experts have thoroughly examined any lease, title, or legal engagement before entering any agreed-upon arrangement. But our due diligence doesn’t stop when the agreements are signed. Our team remains on-call and participates in pre- and post-acquisition due diligence to guarantee that your t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted in all financial and legal dealings related to the right of way land acquisition process with Norfleet Land Services.

By helping build out stipulations for the construction company, we ensure client and landowner needs are met, whether that be outlining rules such as on-property speed limits or specifying approved property modifications such as cutting down fences or trees to gain desired access, we are dedicated to being where our clients need us from beginning to end of a project.

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